Both surprised and then again, not so much in the quest for acceptance I guess, it seems that the World Bank is embracing the idea of open data in hopes of gaining a fan base. In an effort to make the world wide wealth data available to all those who wish to view it, the apparent hope is that developers from around the world will come up with creative means of sharing this information with others.

Personally, who the heck really needs this? A constant reminder of world debt? Really, we need an API for this? While I agree that the information should be made public, does it really warrant the creation of an API specifically? I guess I can look at it this way. If there is a volunteer effort to make this API available, great. But if this is just most wasted spending, I think the money could do better elsewhere. But that is just my take.

Perhaps others out there feel that this is the kind of API that is way overdue. And if that is the case, awesome, looks like it is just around the corner for ya. Speaking for myself, I would love to see the US Banks do something with the transparency of data for sure. But I am just not convinced that creating an API for it is where it is at.