The GOP and the conservative media have seemingly imploded in the past few weeks, culminating with the disastrous Tea Parties that did little more than highlight the most fearful and angry aspects of the Republican base.

With conservative media giants going equally off the deep  end, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Neil Cavuto have all seemingly given in to any notion of fairness or balance and have instead turned to stoking the fears of the Republican base in an effort to build up a seemingly disconnected-from-reality sense of anger.

While this might be great TV for the base of the party, it turns off moderates and thus shrinks the reach of the party.  The Republican movement has now gone so far out into the wilderness that it will likely be impossible to salvage.  That leaves the American people with a real problem: there is no longer a viable second political party.

The Libertarians never seem to gain traction and their insistence on deregulation would not be very popular with the perception that deregulation of the financial industry helped to cause the current economic mess.

The Green party has always been associated with the legalization of drugs, which might be popular on the internet but tends to fail in major elections.

The moderate Republicans might try and break away from the GOP but that seems unlikely.

The only real solution that I see at the moment is for the Democratic party to split.  There are factions within the party at the moment and the fiscal conservative Democrats might find themselves wanting to separate from the more liberal members of the party.

America needs more than one party, but I would be surprised if we see the Republican party last through the next few election cycles.