Two Domino’s employees who filmed themselves blowing boogers onto sandwiches, and placing food items up their nose were arrested for violation of sanitation and health food codes and safety. These two idiots, yes idiots, actually placed their exploits onto YouTube. They were tracked down by several readers of the Consumerist blog after the location was recognized as being a Domino’s franchise in Conover, NC. It gets better. Domino’s is also going to sue these people as well. 

According to an article over at the charoleteobserver it also states that:

The Domino’s restaurant that was the subject of the video is in Conover, and it is open for business, after being closed Tuesday while company and Catawba County authorities sanitized all the cooking equipment and threw away all food items that had been opened.

Thompson and Setzer each have been charged with contaminating food distributed to the public. They were freed on $7,500 bond after turning themselves in to authorities late Wednesday afternoon in Newton.

The video, which is getting heavy attention by YouTube regulars, is designed as a description of how Domino’s pizzas are made. Of course, there’s a twist. The video shows the workers picking their noses and sneezing on the food.

At one point in the video, a character who is identified in the video as Kristy says, “Did you all see that? He just blew a booger on those sandwiches.”

The Consumerist has the video. You can see it here.

What is unfortunate about this prank is that the franchise owners for Domino’s Pizza will suffer financially.

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