(Some rough language, be advised in the link to follow) It has been no real secret that the idea of the DiggBar has to be one of the dumber concepts to roll out of the Digg headquarters. The biggest offense it spits forth has to be the cloaking/shortening of the url you are visiting WITHOUT ever asking you. That and it is irritating.

Well explained in this rather harshly worded article, the chips are on the table and the economic pit of verbal crap making its way on Digg these days is simply not paying the bills for the Digg team. I am sorry, idiot t-shirts of young women posing with less than clever statements embodied on said t-shirts, along with other amazingly off-topic ads is not a revenue model.

So as the above linked article points out, there is serious speculation that this is Digg’s last howl of desperation. With any luck, someone can do something with the worlds biggest link-farm and maybe, turn it into something that is able to actually earn its owners an income. A crazy concept, but I am just saying.