Did you do your taxes on your laptop or your desktop? Were you diligent enough to save a copy of all the work — just in case there were any problems? If you did, there is enough information on your computer to make you a victim of identity theft. There are essentially two things that a half-way efficient identity thief needs… your name and your social security number. Your date of birth would make it that much easier to turn you into an identity theft victim, but it isn’t really an essential. All that is needed is that social security number tied to your name.

One of the basic ways to protect yourself is to encrypt your computer information.

This is nothing new. The security people have been saying it for years and years. For some reason, encryption seems to be something people think is difficult and totally geekish. It’s not that at all. SafeBit Disk Encryption makes it easy:

SafeBit features on-the-fly disk encryption, by creating encrypted virtual disk drives, where you can hide files and folders, keep them encrypted all the time, but still work with these files just like you work with normal files. Disk Encryption is transparent to the user…

This program is easy to use. It’s efficient and stays out of your way. It really is non intrusive. And, to encourage you to protect your sensitive data, the SafeBit people are being kind and offering our readers an unbelievable discount of forty percent (40%) off the normal price:

This is an exclusive time limited offer that is available to our readers. It expires on April 23, 2009.

There are two more things that needs to be said. The first is that you may have all the security software
protection ever recommended on your machine. You may be protecting yourself from malware, spyware, trojans, rootkits and all that other garbage. An infection still can compromise your computer. No security software program dares to offer a hundred per cent protection. (The person at the keyboard makes errors.) And what happens if you lose or have your machine stolen? For example, missing/stolen laptops are reported every day. Then, all your confidential information is available to whoever is powering up your machine. Yes, this type of encryption should be on every government and business laptop. (Give a shout if you want this program in high volume. We will see what we can do for you.)

The other thing is that there is no backdoor. The SafeBit people state this clearly: “The software does NOT include any backdoor. Neither the vendor nor any other entities are able to break the SafeBit disk encryption.” You must remember your password. There are no two ways about it. The vendor is not going to be able to save you. Again, you must remember the password. The program really is that good. Losing your machine may be costly, but losing the confidential personal information on that computer may mean possibly long term anguish. SafeBit is just an efficient, easy way to protect yourself.