I currently have a collection of highlighters sitting on my desk, but I don’t even remember the last time that I used them. I’m more of a pen man myself, but I’ll use anything if it comes down to it. The nice thing about working with paper is that you can make notes on it, underline text, and highlight things. Although it doesn’t work in exactly the same way, you can also perform these functions on your computer. I know I’ve read large blocks of text online and wished I could easily highlight certain passages on the page itself and save that work. With Wizlite, I can.

To use the service, all you need is the Firefox extension or the bookmarklet. You can experiment in their sandbox to see how this functionality works, and it’s pretty neat. Your mouse cursor is transformed into a highlighter, and when you create an account, you can highlight text on any page and either share it with the public or just your group of contacts. This ability to make selections private enables you to work together with others on various research projects and you won’t even go through the trouble of getting highlighter ink on yourself.