Not sure if this is a good thing or a total waste of funds, but apparently the Chinese have a special search engine created with the elderly. While I am among the first to preach the importance of accessibility for all, regardless of physical shortcomings, the idea that a separate search engine it created for this need, seems overkill to me.

Guess I am struggling with the idea of Baidu not being able to simply find a more adaptive means of accessibility than having to create a completely separate arena for those older than whatever is considered “older” these days. My own mother, who is clearly considered older (70+) by most, is perfectly able to use standard search engines without needing to have a special assignment made available to her.

And of course, to trump all of the other points made…how many elderly people in China are seriously surfing the ‘Net in China? Come on, we are struggling to make this happen in the West, I doubt that this is happening in restrictive countries like China!