Whenever I send an e-mail, it’s usually just a quick textual message, but whenever I write a blog post, links are usually a part of the equation. Of course, overall, I use links in almost all of my electronic communication at one time or another. Links are a simple concept, but sometimes they can be tricky to manage and insert. In fact, many times you won’t know the URL for whatever you’re trying to link to or embed, so you’ll have to search the Internet to try and find it. Lizzer provides a better way to link to and insert content.

You can experience the functionality on the Lizzer site, but the service really becomes useful once you get the bookmarklet. When used, Lizzer presents a simple window that you can use to find content from a variety of sources (Google, Flickr, YouTube, etc.) that can be included in a blog post or e-mail. By performing many searches at once in one location, you can see what’s available and insert it quickly and easily. Lizzer works with most major e-mail and blogging platforms, and if used, it will change the way you share content.