Reader Buffet asked what my opinion was of Comodo’s anti virus program, and since I had not tried it, I decided to take it out for a test drive. The first thing I had to do was but my prejudices on the back burner. Last year I tried Comodo’s firewall which completely irritated the hell out of me, when the firewall shutdown my Internet connection. But that is another story. I also personally believe that AVG makes the best free anti virus program. So I entered into this review with an open mind.

I downloaded the Comodo software from their website which is a combo anti virus and firewall program and is about 45MB in size. During the installation you have the option to select just the anti virus or firewall software or both. I selected just the anti virus software. I installed the software on my test box which is a AMD dual core, 4GB RAM running Windows XP SP3. I installed AVG to make room for Comodo and to test it properly.

After the installation I updated the software and scanned my system for critters. Comodo reported my system was clean. I than checked out the Comodo GUI and found it intutive and very easy to use. I continued to oberserve Comodo anti virus for a week and found that the software is light on resources and did not slow down the system. 

I am a FREE freak. When possible I only use free stuff on my computers. I believe that the free software are just as good, if not better, than their commercial counter parts. So I give Comodo anti virus two thumbs up. It is a definte alternative to the commercial products such as McAfee and Norton.

But is it better than AVG or Avast free versions? I don’t believe so. But it is another alternative to the paid programs that suck the life out of our computer systems. I’m going to continue to use Comodo anti virus on my test box for the next few months to evealute it further.

Comments welcome.

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