A couple of weeks ago, I applied online for any open position at the local Price Chopper market. I didn’t figure on hearing back from them, due to our current economic hardship. I was surprised when my wife handed me a small, yellow card that came in the mail for me. This card said,

“Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your recent inquiry concerning the possibilities for employment with our organization.

We have reviewed your qualifications and regret that there are no openings at the present time that would provide a situation of mutual advantage.

In conclusion, we would also like to encourage you to contact us in the future for possible openings. Thank you for your interest in Price Chopper and we wish you success in your search for a suitable position.”

Even if this is a brush-off type of letter, this is a great form of letting someone down lightly. Instead of not calling or updating people on their application’s progress (or ignoring them entirely), you get a cute, little slip of paper telling you that they at least thought enough to look at your name and address (and if it’s an automated process, it makes one feel that it’s at least a small amount of sentiment). Price Chopper, even if you did brush me off, you didn’t completely ignore this applicant. That gives me a little “light at the end of the tunnel” when I continue posting a zillion more applications.