Though the numbers cited by the Wall Street Journal suggest that some 20 million people blog, the labor department reports that 452,000 have made blogging their primary source of income. So is making money the only reason for people blogging?

I don’t know know about other bloggers but money is not my primary reason for blogging. I started blogging because I felt I had something important to share with others. I first started out blogging about computer stuff and new technologies. Later I added some posts about cars and some about the economic complexities of our economy. But my primary focus remains in the tech field and testing of software’s. 

Blogging offers me several advantages that I think are great compared to a comparable job outside of the home. First there are no dress requirements nor driving to the office. The hours are my own and I can work around my other priorities in life mainly family. I can stop typing at any time, play with the dog or share a family meal and return to work the next day.

Another benefit is the fine people I have met here on The Blade. people who have shared their opinions, their experiences and their thoughts with all of us. I not only provide information but I also receive information in return. Many times in the past I have asked questions and readers have responded with their recommendations. So not only do I get to voice my opinion but I receive valuable information in return. 

I also found this table from an article over at 

But it is not all a bowl of cherries. I usually spend about 45 to 50 hours a week on the computer. I even try to post when I am on vacation. Also the income numbers seem kind of high as well. I know some bloggers have complained to me of making a few hundred a month in their endeavors.

But that’s another story. 

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