openglGoogle has been busy lately with what they hope will turn into the next standard for rendering 3D graphics on the Web. Yes, it is a tall order for the search engine giant, but with the belief that an open standard is the way to go, how could they possibly fail?

Designed to be a plugin, Google is using a new API that allows its users to interact with 3D environments. The benefits of such a plugin, could be endless, especially if Google is sure to make sure that equal access is given to both all platforms. Thus far, this appears to be the case due to its open nature.

Things might get sticky however as both the minds behind the OpenGL standard and Mozilla, already planned on doing this. Sadly, it seems as if Google may have already beaten them to the finish line. It’s true that the separate paths might seem unfortunate at first, but considering both efforts are supporting open standards, I see not reason why both might not come together later on. Just give it some time, this technology is still very new.