Wow! It seems that the old Microsoft-Intel alliance may be fading. Intel is in the process of creating their own Linux distribution. The new OS called Moblin is currently under beta testing. Intel wants the new OS to be optimized for their Intel graphics and Atom processing chips currently available for netbook computers. In a recent demonstration Intel Moblin booted in 5 seconds. According to the rep. from Intel, he believes the boot time can be cut down to 2 seconds.

According to a recent article it states that:

That’s the target for Moblin, the mobile-optimised Linux variant which Intel is developing for netbooks and mobile Internet devices.

Demonstrating the current alpha build of Mobil 2.0  at this month’s Linux Collaboration Summit in San Francisco, Imhad Sousou – director of Intel’s Open Source Technology Centre – showed that major components of the Linux engine, including the graphics stack, load in under five seconds.

The challenge is trimming this down even further to the point where a netbook’s total startup time is just two seconds. But Sousou declared that “we think that two second boot is possible.”

Such rapid startup times are less vital for netbooks than for a broader range of consumer devices from MIDs to in-car entertainment and navigation systems which Intel wants to see powered by an Atom processor.

Check out the source link below for a link to download Moblin. Remember. This is Alpha software and is still in the testing stages. 

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