Over at Forbes they have an article, actually a grouping of articles, in which they have selected towns throughout America that are ‘the best cities for jobs.’ According to the Forbes stats, eight of the top 20 towns are located in the state of Texas. The article covers various factors on why Texas is a prime candidate for those seeking employment.

In the article it states that:

The top of the┬ácomplete ranking–which, for ease, we have broken down into the two smaller lists, of the best big and small cities for jobs–is dominated by one state: Texas. The Lone Star State may have lost a powerful advocate in Washington, but it’s home to a remarkable eight of the top 20 cities on our list–including No. 1-ranked Odessa, a small city in the state’s northwestern region. Further, the top five large metropolitan areas for job growth–Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Ft. Worth and Dallas–are all in Texas’ “urban triangle.”

The reasons for the state’s relative success are varied. A healthy energy industry is certainly one cause. Many Texas high-fliers, including Odessa, Longview, Dallas and Houston, are home to energy companies that employ hordes of people–and usually at fairly high salaries for both blue- and white-collar workers. In some places, these spurts represent a huge reversal from the late 1990s. Take Odessa’s remarkable 5.5% job growth in 2008, which followed a period of growth well under 1% from 1998 to 2002.

So in a time of economic uncertainty it is good to see that some areas have not been hit hard by the recession. Texas appears to be on the rebound and jobs appear plentiful. So if you are one of the millions of unemployed, Texas may be the opportunity you need to find work.

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