Playlogic Entertainment, Inc., an independent worldwide publisher of entertainment software, is pleased to announce that Pool Hall Pro, the action-packed sports game developed by Icon Games Entertainment, is coming to Wii home videogame console from Nintendo, and PC May 26, 2009. Pool Hall Pro calls on players of all levels from amateurs to pool sharks to take on the world’s toughest opponents as they travel the globe mastering an array of pool and snooker games in order to earn fame and fortune.

“Pool Hall Pro brings action-packed entertainment back into casual sports games with customizable characters, exotic pool hall locations, numerous modes and countless hours of gameplay,” said Adam McGowan, Marketing Director for Playlogic. “The simple control scheme and easy-to-access modes make Pool Hall Pro a great game to pick up and play.”

Pool Hall Pro features six modes with a vast array of pool and snooker games, such as basic pocket billiards to U.S. 8 ball and 6 ball snooker. Create your own avatar before setting out to challenge the pool hall’s toughest opponents and take your character from rags to riches! Compete against the pros in single player mode or make a name for yourself as you travel the globe earning cash and unlocking collectables in world tour mode. Win games and unlock collectables to pimp out your crib and give your billiards room your own personal touch. Increase the difficulty by adjusting AI opponents for more challenging games!

Pool Hall Pro for Wii comes with an added taste of realism as players are able to use their Wii remote to simulate the feel of a real pool game by matching the cue movement with a simple on-screen interface and movement from the player.

Additional game features include:

  • Six game modes: Arcade, Tournament, Multiplayer, Exhibition, World Tour and Practice
  • 11 game varieties: UK 8 Ball, US 8 Ball, 9 Ball, 6 Ball Pool, 10 Ball Pool, 15 ball Pool, Pub Pool, 6 Ball Snooker, 10 Ball Snooker, Snooker and Basic Pocket Billiards
  • Fully customizable characters
  • Earn collectibles to pimp out your crib
  • Simple control scheme
  • Four AI difficulty levels: Rookie, Amateur, Pro, Champion

Pool Hall Pro has been rated “E” for everyone by the ESRB.