Obviously I am unable to speak for everyone out there, but I for one find the following to be just sad. Countries such as Romania and Bulgaria beat out the US in download speeds while they also beat us silly in upload speeds. How could this be and is it all that accurate? Regarding accuracy, yes, I think it is and without the spin. As to why, I guess that is a combination of the ISP industry stranglehold along with the overall size of the US.

But when I see countries that would generally be considered post-Soviet states blowing the doors off of ISPs here in the US, one has to wonder if these same ISPs can seriously consider themselves competitive. Sure, they might be competitive with each other with cutesy terms like “powerboost” or “faster than dial-up.” Yet at the end the day, on a global scale, this whole situation remains completely pathetic.

Socialize the ISPs, people say? Honestly, I do not think this is the answer to ANYTHING, much less to ISPs getting with the program. No, I feel that more competition is needed and speaking for myself, I am hopeful it will be fiber from companies such as Verizon. Yes cable providers, I am speaking directly to you and your “we use fiber” half truth. There is no fiber to my door, except for what Verizon provided before I moved in here. Your technology is old, tired, and frustrating. I remain hopeful that the phone companies kick the heck out of your bottom line enough to get you to invest into something besides “powerboosting” for a few seconds.

How about consistent speeds? Just a thought…