ebayAs expected, eBay has shown signs of being hit by the rough economy. What is interesting is that it is their side services that showed growth, while eBay auctions themselves have fallen flat over time. Still, eBay did see an increase in classified advertising during the course of 2008.

What I think it is a real lesson to be examined here is how there has been a shift of people not buying more “stuff” and more interest in a payment systems and VoIP solutions. Both of these are things that eBay has their hands in. And truth be known, this is really helpful for eBay to learn from…especially if there are any future buyouts in their future.

People need to communicate and they need flexible means of using their money, sending invoices and accepting payments. Skype and Paypal led a lot here. This is perhaps, if anything, the one thing that will save eBay’s balance sheet in the long haul as we continue trucking through this long recession.