When I first saw people playing games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, I thought they were crazy. Of course, this was probably because I’ve played guitar for about twelve years and couldn’t understand how one of these music games could even come close to being as much fun as playing the real instruments. After all, the experts of these games would be clueless if they were placed in front of a real instrument. I went a long time without playing these games, but one day I saw a controller just sitting there all by itself at Best Buy (which is a rarity) and decided to give it a try. As soon as I tried it, I was hooked. I ended up buying Guitar Hero and had more fun playing the game than the instrument it was based on. I’ve since worn myself out on it, but am once again excited by something called JamLegend.

If you don’t have a gaming system and have always wanted to own Guitar Hero or Rock Band, then JamLegend is for you. This online game is free, it can be played on your computer, and it’s a lot of fun. While you may use your keyboard instead of a guitar replica, the process is still enjoyable. You won’t find as many popular songs, but the library is plentiful, and you and your friends will have something new to take up all of your time online. Rock on!