In the March, 2009 issue of PC World, they did a comparison of 9 Security Suites. Like in the movie Casablanca, they rounded up the usual suspects. Boring. We have been there and done this a 100 times before. Naturally there was Norton and McAfee. Plus BitDefender, Panda, Avira, Kaspersky, F Secure, Webroot and Trend Micro. But wait one minute. Aren’t there a few other software products that should of been thrown into the mix?

Just to name a few, how about AVG, Avast, Comodo, ZoneAlarm, BullGuard, Norman, Steganos, and I am sure there may be others. Now let me tippy-toe for a moment since I do not want to sound like a critic of PC World. I know last year I did a posting about a PC World article and was besieged by comments on how they have lost some credibility over the years. That is not my point of writing about this current review.

My point is. If you are going to write about Security Suites, write about them all please. I noticed this last week in a MSNBC article about cars. There was an article about the best small cars. Missing were some of the vehicles from Kia and Hyundai which I found odd. But as I wondered around the site I noticed a heavy concentration of GM auto ads. Could that explain why the Chevy Aveo was rated so high? 

I’m not naive. I am sure that companies pay to have their products promoted. This could explain why Norton came out as #1 in the PC World review. But are we readers really that dumb? I believ that consumers today are well aware of the critics about Norton in which there are many unhappy campers that have dumped the software.

But what do you think? Do you believe any of the reviews being done online or in magazines concerning software or hardware products? Or have you lost faith in such reviews?

Comments welcome.