Though some may be getting tired reading about the new Netbooks, there was a recent article over at the Wall Street Journal that rumored that Apple was considering their own Netbook. Today the folks at Apple responded with a big fat NO. Tim Cook who is heading Apple while Steve Jobs is away made the statement crushing all hopes of a pint sized laptop from Apple. 

In fact Tim made this statement:

 “When I look at netbooks, I see cracked keyboards, terrible software, junky hardware, very small screens. It’s just not a good consumer experience and not something we would put the Mac brand on. It’s a segment we would not choose to play in.”

So according to the Mr. Cook of Apple, it would appear anyone who bought a Netbook bought a piece of junk. Hmm…. Mine is working fine without issue. No cracked keyboard, Unbuntu works fine for what I want to do [surf the Internet and emailing], and the screen size is just fine. I think that some folks are missing what a netbook is used for. 

To me it is a light weight computer that I can used when I travel without having to luge around my 17″ 6.5 pound laptop. I can keep up with my blog work and stay in touch with family and friends. When I want to do serious work, like blogging all day looking for stuff to write about, out comes the 6 1/2 pounder. 

Netbooks may not be everyone’s cup of tea but they do serve a purpose. Besides, if Apple did come out with a Netbook, none of us could afford it. LOL

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