Once in awhile a new product comes to market that makes heads rise. So is the case with Jawbone, a new design in cell phone hands free design that is sure to make heads turn. For years we have seen the traditional design of hands free devices with little attention paid to aesthetics. But Jawbone changes all of this with a different design and multi-color headsets that should get you noticed. 

On the Jawbone web site they describe their products as:

Jawbone has been able to eliminate real world noise better than any other headset because it is the only headset that can accurately separate speech from ambient noise.

Jawbone PRIME has even better background noise elimination than the previous generations. NoiseAssasin™ 2.0 delivers an order of magnitude improvement in the noisiest environments (6 to 9dB) extracting even more noise while keeping the user’s voice natural.

Great technology is not enough: the Jawbone brand is built upon technological innovation with a design that integrates seamlessly into the user’s lifestyle by providing comfort, customized fit and personal preference, and great, iconic aesthetics.

The design effort at Jawbone is a constant refinement exercise, and PRIME is the latest iteration in a continuum of celebrated category defining products. The Jawbone products always call attention through minimalism, by removing the extraneous, rather than adding visual complexity and clutter.

Take a look at the link below for additional colors being offered for the Jawbone hands free device. There appears to be something for everyone. Pricing is $129 per unit. Also there are additional accessories available.

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