The CEO of Craiglist is saying that anyone who uses his site to commit criminal activity will get caught. Jim Buckmaster says that it will be a very unsafe haven for criminals because of this. Craigslist has always been a popular web site which has attracted over 50 million people every month. 

Craigslist gained unwanted notoriety when a medical student from Boston used the advertising site to locate his victims. One of the victims actually was murdered by the suspect which brought Craigslist to national attention. The kind of attention that no web site wants or needs. 

The CEO also stated that:

Buckmaster declined to say much about how Craigslist is cooperating with authorities investigating the Boston case but said, “We make ourselves 100 percent available to them and provide them with any and all information we have that they may request.”

Law enforcement officials generally ask that Craigslist not comment on what it’s doing in specific cases, he said.

Buckmaster defended Craigslist’s inclusion of the “erotic services” classification on its sites. He said users requested it so those ads would be posted there, where users can avoid them, instead of being scattered among other ad categories. He also insisted that illegal activity is “absolutely not welcome there.”

He said Craigslist will donate 100 percent of its net revenues from those ads to charities, under an agreement announced in November with 40 state attorneys general.

Craigslist’s city sites include tips on personal safety and avoiding scams and fraud. Buckmaster said the Minnesota and Boston cases provide an opportunity to remind people that it makes sense when meeting someone found through an online ad to take the same kinds of precautions they should take offline.

Hopefully this will turn out to be an isolated case. With millions of visitors every month, trying to control this many visitors is an impossible task.