Yipes. I hope this is not true since I buy some of my stuff from TigerDirect, but the allegations from Dell are many. It seems that at one time TigerDirect was a reseller for Dell computers, but was also buying Dell computers from other sources. This is where the lawsuit stems from.

Dell alleges the following:

In an April 17 lawsuit filed by Dell in New York district court, Tiger is accused of – among many other things – selling old and out-of-date Dell computers it purchased from other resellers while claiming they were brand new and shuttled directly from Dell. Tiger was also fingered for telling customers the antique boxes were covered by Dell warranties when the warranties had expired long ago.

Furthermore, the Round Rock PC giant accuses Tiger of using a modified Dell logo on its website that “mimics and bastardizes” the Dell trademark.

The complaint claims Dell’s attempts to contact Tiger with its grievances were partially or completely ignored. In some cases, Dell says, Tiger would partially address a complaint “only to embark on other acts of infringement and false representations virtually immediately thereafter.”

This is the laptop being advertised with the Dell logo without the slanted E:

It should be interesting to see how this plays out. I may be changing vendors if these allegations are true.

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A copy of the lawsuit is available here. (PDF) ®