Google has announced on their blog site that Google Toolbar Labs is ready for you to try. The folks at Google state that they have made ready features that consumers have mentioned they want to be incorporated into the Google Toolbar. Some of what Google offers include:

Back in September, the Mobile team launched Mobile Search with My Location. Looking at this, we wanted to figure our how we could bring the same convenience of typing fewer words to computer users. With Toolbar with My Location, both Google Maps and the included Maps gadget automatically center on your current location. Similarly, you can just do a search like [thai food], and you will receive a list of nearby restaurants and more local Google search results. This feature is similar to IP-based local search results announced earlier this month, except Google Toolbar with My Location can determine a more accurate location by using nearby Wi-Fi access points. This is done without associating location information with a user’s Google Account. Google Toolbar with My Location is only available in the U.S.

There is also a new Chinese toolbar available as well. Google also says that some of the features of the Google Toolbar Labs may not make the cut when the final versions is released. Google is looking for your feedback so give it go if you are a Google Toolbar fan.

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