Sharing content online is easier than ever before. If you think it’s difficult, then you must not be doing it right. E-mail used to be the standard way to share documents, pictures, and whatever else you can think of, and although it’s still used all the time, there are limitations there and other services give you more flexibility. Something as simple as hosting and sharing images has turned into a competition among hundreds of photo sharing sites about who can do it better and more efficiently. may not be the biggest name around, but if you just want to upload and share some pictures, then the lack of complication will be refreshing to you.

Without even creating an account, you’re brought to a page containing a bunch of blank spots for your images. Upload the images that you want, share your album URL, or even share individual pictures by linking to them directly or embedding them. The site also contains some additional tools that will enhance your experience. may get drowned out by the competition, but by doing what it does well, it’s already in a better spot than much of the competition.