foodistaOne might think that there is already enough in the way of recipe search portals out there. But what about recipe wiki sites? Clearly, Foodista is proving that there is indeed a demand here for those who are serious about food! In a funding of $550,000 from Amazon, Foodista is going to be in a position to take their tasty vision to the next level.

But I think a lot of people are going to be asking themselves as to whether or not it makes sense to have a wiki just for recipes? I mean, there are TONS of recipe sites out there already…most of which already allow their users to contribute easily when applicable.

After doing some food exploring, as it is called, I am more lost as to the appeal than ever? The site is attractive enough, yet is not really all that effective for helping to explore food or plan my next dinner. One thing it does well however, is showcase Amazon’s S3 technology…something that has little to do with food or recipes.