Microsoft has dominated the software market not only with Windows but also their Office Suite of software products. Over the years the only real competition has been OpenOffice which Sun had been providing to the masses. But now that Oracle has devoured Sun, the question now is what will become of OpenOffice?

OpenOffice has provided a free alternative to consumers whether they are using Windows or Linux. For some consumers the cost of Microsoft’s Office is cost prohibitive. Even for schools that are reeling from the effects of slashed budgets due to the current economic climate, OpenOffice can provide the students with an effective alternative.

If you haven;t used OpenOffice before, you must consider the fact that it does not have all of the bells and whistles associated with its paid counterpart. But for day to day usage that most consumers need, it is satisfactory in its performance. OpenOffice provides a word processing unit, as well as presentation, database, spreadsheet and drawing modules. Basically it is a complete suite of products rolled into one.

In the past I have recommended OpenOffice to home users, church groups, non-profits and others as a free option to the more costly Microsoft Office.

But not that Oracle has bought out Sun the OpenOffice project could face elimination. I would hope that Oracle will keep the project going. There is a definite need for a free suite of products that OpenOffice provides.

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OpenOffice downloa can be found here.