Lifehacker did a list of the top ten downloads for Ubuntu 9.04.  While I agree with some of them, I figured it was time to post a real list (read: mine).

These apps are in daily use at leftystrat’s lair:

  • Firefox: no one has come up with a better concept than plugins
  • Opera: when you really need to get there
  • VLC: plays almost everything
  • RSS Owl: yes, it’s java-based, but it does the most for me in RSS reading
  • Vinagre: awesome multi-tabbed vnc viewer
  • xfe, emelfm2: file managers
  • Thunderbird: cross-platform email client – the only one for me
  • Mousepad: it’s light, it’s quick, it’s a basic text editor
  • VMplayer: my favorite of the emulators
  • Utorrent: works just fine under WINE
  • Deluge(torrent): works great on every other computer
  • Filezilla: ftp/sftp file transfer

Still experiencing the 9.04 problem of programs popping up in the background.  Everything else seems to be in order.