facebookLately there has been a lot of buzz going around about Facebook opening up to developers. Yet as this article points out, much of what is believed to be “opened up”, has been for sometime now. This includes photos, videos, notes and the like. So exactly what new stuff can we expect to be coming up then?

There is talk of opening up shared items, such as URLs posted by users. Not to be dismissed easily, this could lead to things like we see with Twitturly or other similar services. Clearly, as the article linked above highlights, if we are able to narrow down posted URLs based on specific location….this could lead to great things indeed.

While all of this sounds great, the question that ought to remain is, does this still matter? After all, Twitter has already conquered all of this so well, will there be enough room for Facebook to make inroads here as well?

I think it can happen for them and to a limited extent, amongst existing users, it will. Opening up the feed will work for Facebook but I do not think that it will translate into new faces anytime soon.