F8E797F0-B3A4-453A-80E4-FC3CFAD4BFF6.jpgWorried about the Swine Flu? Know someone that is?

A Pandemic Swine Flu First Aid and Safety Kit to help protect you from it is already available on Amazon.com for as low as $25.00.

This kit has been designed by the medical team at BP MEDICAL SUPPLIES in order to protect those employees and officials who are working in areas where there is a higher risk of infection or contamination eg an area affected by SWINE OR BIRD Flu. 5 x N95 Respirator Masks 1 X SAFETY GOGGLES 1 x Disposable White Coverall with Elasticized hood, wrist, and boot(LG) 1 x 2 pair of High risk Nitryl Gloves 1 x Insta-Clean Hand sanitizer 6 x Antimicrobial hand wipes 1 x Box of 10 Alcohol Prep Wipes 5 x Blue Elasticized Shoe covers 5 x Blue Elasticized Head Caps