When you create a Web site, you hope that your visitors will enjoy the content that you publish, but the only way to know for sure is to get it out there and gauge their reactions. Even then, it’s not always clear how people feel about specific portions of your content unless they comment on it. One of the ways that you can see how people feel about the content is to track their behavior on the page. For example, are they copying portions of the text? Ordinarily, you might not know if or when this happens, but Tynt Tracer lets you see what’s being copied from your site.

Once your account is created, you just embed a simple piece of code on your site so that the content that’s being coped will be tracked. You’ll get full details on the top words and pages, and while this information can help you to create more appealing content, Tracer also inserts an attribution link when content is copied so that when the reader pastes it somewhere, it’s easy for them to give you credit. If more of us used tools like Tracer, our content would be more valuable and better protected.