craigslistAs far as I am concerned, calling someone a killer with the name of a particular name or service is just stupid. I mean, how does the eBay Spammer grab ya! you make a purchase of an item, only to be later buried alive in junk email from the person you had only wanted to do business with once. Sound pretty silly, does it not? Then how can we call someone who is killing folks based on their usage of a website known as Craigslist, a Craigslist killer? Would we be doing the same if this was done via Yahoo or another similar service?

Then there is the issue of adult activity for sale on Craigslist. Again, should we be demonizing Craigslist because a tiny few have opted to abuse the free service? And how do we expect Craigslist to police everything for us? I mean, come on, at some level personal responsibility must come to mind. Unlike the subject of taking someone’s life as talked about above, illegal adult services is something that is between two adults. While not ethical perhaps, who really cares if your neighbor is picking up a prostitute off of Craigslist? Would you prefer it be in front of the mall instead? At the end of the day, it is a neutral website that is being abused by willing individuals making their own choices. Expecting the world to police them, is irrational.

As for the problem of perpetrating violent crime via Craigslist however, this is something that is going to require a lot of work between the Craigslist community and law enforcement.