Would you like to rub shoulders with some of the folks at Microsoft who actually want to hear your input? People that want to hear what you think? Well now is your chance. There is a new web site from Microsoft called ‘Talking About Windows’ that has just launched and is being manned but some of the Microsoft team that has worked on Windows 7.

Here are those being featured on the new site:

Mark Russinovich
Microsoft, Technical Fellow

Meet Mark Russinovich, Technical Fellow – arguably someone who needs no introduction, how is he influencing the next versions of Windows – and why does he think there is no security silver bullet?

Jon Devaan
Microsoft Sr VP Windows Core Operating System

Meet Jon Devaan, Sr VP Windows Operating System – hear what’s behind the Windows 7 engineering process and his personal accountability for Windows 7.

Gabriel Aul
Microsoft, Director of Program Management

Meet Gabe Aul, Director of Program Management – he and his team oversee the fundamentals of reliability, security, performance, and compatibility for Windows 7 and they are listening to what you have to say.

Sharif Farag
Microsoft, Senior Lead Program Manager

Meet Sharif Farag, Senior Lead Program Manager – is Green IT a nirvana or reality? Can you really get energy savings from PC management with the latest OS innovations? How does battery life get extended?

So once you start to get your feet wet with Windows 7 RC or even the beta, stop by and see what is being said. You can also post your thoughts and feelings about Windows 7.

Talking About Windows Site Is Here.