adPaid search has long since thought to be fairly effective. This however, is being questioned as you can see for yourself in this recent article by An alternative called Ad Retargeting is apparently yielding pretty solid results for those wishing to win back abandoned purchases, still left sitting in online shopping carts.

It has been said that the overall ROI on Ad Retargeting has been as high as 600% to 700%. Clearly, this is something that struggling vendors are going to be sitting up and taking serious notice of, believe me. So despite the belief that Ad Retargeting is really only good for brand awareness, there is also mounting evidence that it is also great for recovering lost sales, too.

Does this mean an end for paid search campaigns? I certainly do not think so. The biggest difference is, in my mind, that paid search can be mastered by someone without a large ad budget whereas a larger ad budget might be helpful for those wishing to hire on a reputable Ad Retargeting firm that actually knows what they are doing. Just a thought.