In Scott’s Valley, CA. there is a new kid on the block and they are introducing an electric motorcycle. According to reports Jay Leno and Larry Page already have one. So what is revolutionary about an electric motorcycle? Besides being easy on the environment, compared to their gasoline counterpart, consumers do not have to fool with clutches, gears, heavy weight and trying to balance a hog between their legs.

Since less than 3% of the population has ever rode a motorcycle, this new breed could attract more users because of its ease of use. According to an article at the San Jose Mercury News, it states that:

This month, Saiki’s Scotts Valley company Zero Motorcycles became the first American motorcycle company to bring an electric street motorcycle to market with its Zero S Supermoto.

Created for commuters who care about their carbon footprint, the Zero S offers a sporty, low-maintenance way to travel around town quickly and efficiently without burning gas.

“It acts like a motorcycle, and it happens to be electric,” said Gene Banman, Zero’s CEO. “We’re appealing to the regular motorcycle enthusiast, but because it’s green, it adds extra attention.”

The company also is appealing to people who have never been on a motorcycle before, perhaps because they were intimidated by the clutch, gears, heavy weight and difficulty balancing.

An electric street motorcycle has no clutch or gears. And the Zero S is lightweight, easy to ride and easy to keep your balance. Also, at an estimated cost of less than 1 cent a mile, it’s a much cheaper ride.

WOW! Only 1 cent a mile to operate. Not bad. But the article goes on to state that pricing for an electric motorcycle starts at $9,859 which is more expensive than a gasoline cycle. But the new bikes will qualify for a green tax credit.

Oh yeah. One more thing. This bike is fast. How about 0-60 m.p.h in under 4 seconds!

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