According to one recent article, Windows 7 will provide a 29% reduction in the amount of clicks one will use for UAC. Interesting. I can reduce that number by 100%.  Just turn the darn thing off! Problem solved.

If you are in a hurry to receive the RC build of Windows 7, make sure that the download has not been tampered with.

CRC32: E8A1C394
MD5: 8867C13330F56A93944BCD46DCD73590
SHA-1: 7D1F486CA569EFFFFB719CFB48355BB7BF499712

In addition the CD-Key you received for the Beta of Windows 7 will be valid for the RC release.

The official release will be made on April 30, 2009 to TechNet and MSDN and the public release is scheduled for May 5, 2009.

From the Windows Blog concerning XPM – virtual mode for Windows XP:

We will be soon releasing the beta of Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC for Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate.

This will be the feature I am most interested in. It will be interesting to see how well or not so well XPM will function in Windows 7.


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