When you have a file that you want to share with other people, what do you do with it? Do you send it to them through e-mail? This may work if you don’t have a long list of recipients and the file is relatively small, but if the file is big and you want the general online population to be able to access it, you’re probably going to have to consider hosting it somewhere. If you have your own server space, then you can do this very easily, but if you don’t, you’ll likely just pick one of the free online file hosts. Of course, why only pick one when you can use a good number of them all at once? Gazup! distributes your files to other hosts without any fuss.

The service provides you with a selection of hosts that you can choose to use, and once you’ve made your selections, you then upload the file in one of three ways (file upload, remote upload, FTP upload). This process saves you time because the Gazup! servers do all of the work faster than you can on your Internet connection. As a bonus, whenever you upload a video, Gazup! generates a screenshot presentation that you can share.