The folks at Seagate have a new backup appliance called Replica which will be introduced in May. The Replica backup appliance will come in two versions. One version will be for a single computer system and will priced at $129.99 and a second system that can backup multiple computers and priced at $199.99

According to a Seagate press release they state:

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. – April 27, 2009 – Continuing its commitment to helping people preserve, protect and enjoy their digital content, Seagate (NASDAQ: STX) today introduced a new backup appliance that completely eliminates the need to manually learn, manage, or dedicate any time to the backup process. Unlike most backup utilities, the new Seagate® Replica™ backup appliance is a complete PC backup system, which automatically and continuously stores up-to-date copies of everything on a PC, including installed applications, operating system, e-mail, pictures, music, movies, Internet bookmarks and settings. Available in two configurations, the Seagate Replica solution delivers seamless backup for either a single PC or multiple PCs in a household.

Once this product is released I will be buying one for my home systems. How about you? Do you have a good backup system in place?

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