baiduCan Google really, honestly see gains on the Baidu front? Apparently, Google seems to think so. A big part of the reason for this new found confidence centers around the fact that Google is going to be launching search products for music, mobile and maps this year alone.

So despite Baidu seeing strong first quarter earnings, the idea that they will be able to beat out Google in the end is seeming more unlikely by the day. The sad fact of the matter is Google rules the world of search. Not just here in the US, either, but all over the world. While Baidu has a firm grasp on its Chinese market, the fact of the matter is that Google is among the best at expanding into other technolgies.

Will Baidu be able to make it through Google’s advances? Yes, but I am doubtful they will have the same impact on the mobile and music front as Google. After all, one only need remember that Google has been at the search game with the cards stacked against them from day one. Yet they still manage to win regardless.