schoolClearly, the folks over at AP have never seen this video called Epic. The premise is simple – Google owns you, period. And this is especially true of how we retrieve our news. Flash forward to now, Google has survived as newspapers all over the nation are being handed their walking papers. And despite this rather stark taste of reality, part of the old media STILL does not get it.

AP and others, still are unclear that just because a search engine uses your content to highlight the news of the day, does not mean your content is now suddenly worth less. Rather, it means you need to rethink your business model in order to keep up. Apparently this has been lost in the AP’s 163 year lifespan?

If the AP follows through on its threats to black out the news from Google, they will open a black hole of problems so vast, that it will bite them in places they have yet to even discover on themselves. In short, the AP would take a HUGE hit online overnight. They are already becoming irrelevant, yet they still puff up like anyone really cares what they think. It’s cute, really.