facebookAs I have stated before, I think Facebook is on the wrong track with the right idea. Extending their functionality through new APIs is always cool, but I am definitely concerned about potential security problems down the line. Yes, I am being paranoid, etc, etc. We’ve already been down this road before. I mean, it’s not like Facebook has issues with phishing schemes or malware, right? Oh wait

Frankly, I think Facebook, Twitter and the rest have a long way to go before they should be adding in extra application functionality. I mean, the problem of most users being too stupid not to post their life story for all to see is clearly not addressed. So now we are going to open up things even further? I don’t know about this.

I guess this just makes me old fashioned or boring. Despite using Twitter myself, I hardly touch my Facebook account. Once burned, twice shy? Call it what you like, but I just have no use for Facebook and their new APIs at this point. And even on the Twitter front, I am pretty careful about the applications I give my credentials to.