Pokemon World’s new Pokemon battling Web site proves to be a phenomenal success

PokemonFaceOff.com was launched in December 2008 by Imagine Publishing as part of its online expansion and as a companion to its established Pokemon World magazine.

The online battle engine allows users to choose the winner of a faceoff between two pocket monsters and then records the results of the battle which also count towards a list of the top100 Pokemon of all time. After just four months, PokemonFaceOff.com has now hosted over three million battles!

“We could never have imagined the colossal number of players PokemonFaceOff.com would attract!” exclaimed Nick Roberts, Imagine’s Business Development Manager and the driving force behind Pokemon World and the new Web site.

“We caused major disruption to Imagine’s Web sites over Christmas with the number of Pokemon battles taking place, and since then we have gone on to see every one of the 493 Pokemon take part in over 12,000 battles each. That makes over three million Pokemon battles in four months!”

“I would just like to thank all the Pokemon fans that have played the FaceOff game so far and made it the success that it is, and a big thank-you to Electronic Arts, D3 Publisher and Square-Enix for using the site to advertise their latest games too.”

With the launch of Pokemon Platinum for Nintendo DS on 22 May, Imagine is standing by for the next surge of Pokemon FaceOff players to battle it out online. And the number one Pokemon so far? It’s Platinum cover star Giratina, winning 83% of its battles.

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