StumbleUponValued at $29 Million, it is sort of sad to think that StumbleUpon had been purchased by the ever-foolish, eBay for something like $75 Million. StumbleUpon, while cool, could not have less to do with anything eBay does. I mean, it is more useless to them than Skype, which was also another idiotic purchase.

Clearly, if there is a company that needs to really re-think what it buys and how it is doing business, it would need to be eBay. As an auction site, they are the best. Bundle this up with the wise purchase of Paypal, which did make sense and eBay went from making wise decisions to becoming a very confusing destination.

For my own line of thinking, I believe that StumbleUpon would have done so much better as a Google purchase as at least they might have a clue as to what to have done with it. Even Yahoo, if it was in better shape, might have also made a better alternative.