As we continue to recognize that this current economic recession is going to linger on for awhile, it becomes important that Microsoft releases Windows 7 before the next holiday shopping season. Not only does the massess deserve the new operating system after the Vista fiasco, but the OEM’s need to sell computers to stay alive.

Microsoft owes an obligation to both consumers and OEM’s to not pull a boner like they did with Vista. By waiting to release Vista and missing the holiday season, many consumers were stuck with systems that came with ‘vista capable’ or ‘vista ready’ stickers that didn’t mean squat for some buyers.

I have only been using Windows 7 RC edition for one day and already I can tell it runs great. Sure there may be some tweaking that may be necessary, but beta testing this thing to death is not necessary. The people who worked on this version of your operating system did a great job this time around.

Let’s get this puppy out the door and on the shelves.

One question? How much is this going to cost us?

Comments welcome.