Over at Microsoft Connect I was able to download the XPM package, that was not available on either MSDN nor Technet sites. The XPM package is a beta package, and I can only guess that since I am a MVP beta tester, this is why the packages were made available. Again, this is just a guess. It might be available to all beta testers for Windows 7. We should know by next week when the RC goes public.

Tha package I downloaded contained the Virtual PC installer [Windows6.1 KB958559], an installer for Windows XP Virtual [VirtualWindowsXP] and instructions in .pdf format. The first thing I did was to print out the instructions which were 14 pages and read them. The first step is to make sure that your CPU is hardware assisted or in my case using an AMD CPU was V compliant. After looking all over hell and back, I finally found the answer to this question by locating my order invoice at Newegg, and locating my processor specifications. DUH! The next line stated to check the BIOS and make sure that virtualization was enabled. It was and it answered my question, minus the search! LOL

I then installed the Virtual PC Installer and rebooted. Double-clicked the XP,msi file and it proceeded to install XP virtually. Another reboot and the Virtual Machine kicks in to start the install of XP. You must use a password for the account during setup. This is required. Install was fairly quick and took less than 30 minutes. After the smoke cleared I was using XP inside of Windows 7. Overall this was a no brainer to setup. Just follow the instructions.

I installed AVG 8.5 in XP than installed a copy of Office 2003 & SP3 just to see how slow the system would be running Office. The install went fine and I didn’t notice much of a slow down during the install. After I finished, I tried out Word and it worked fine. Yes, there is a minor, but noticeable, lag from when you press a key in Word and when it appears on the screen. Not a huge deal, but it is there.

Oh, forgot. The Virtual XP comes with SP3.

Comments welcome.