How have you been sleeping lately? Without enough sleep, it’s hard to function at your best, but so many people are light sleepers and struggle because of that. Even those of us who used to sleep well aren’t finding it as easy to get enough sleep with all of the stress that we’re under these days. No matter what, you don’t want to ignore your sleep patterns, and YawnLog will keep you focused on how you’re sleeping by helping you track how you’re doing in this area.

Keeping a sleep diary like this may seem silly, but you’re bound to learn something if you give it a try. You document when you went to bed and when you woke up, plus you can make notes about how you slept and what you dreamed about. If nothing else, a lot of people will probably like this service just because it gives them an organized way to keep track of their dreams. A good amount of data is compiled when you make regular entries, and you can see a graph that shows how your sleep patterns have changed over time. Who knows, looking at this information may just put you to sleep.