How about a non-breakable computer for your little ones that also is spill resistant? Sound good? Well the folks over at PeeWee PC may have just the box for you. Whether it is a laptop or desktop, PeeWee PC have several models that may fit your child’s needs.

PeeWee PC has two laptop models. One with a pivot screen that starts at $599 and a power laptop at $499. Both laptops are spill resistant and also drop resistant and they even come with carrying handles. Nice touch. The pint sized laptops have a 10″ screen, Intel 1.6GHz processor and 1 GB of RAM. Guess what the OS is? You guessed it. Windows XP home. Other software they describe only as age-specific software and games.

This is what the pivot model looks like.

PeeWee PC desktop models are described by the company as:

Just about every type of application you might need for your kid’s daily computer tasks are ready loaded onto the Starter Desktop. Simply turn it on and start working. Internet, email, and instant messaging are just a click away. There’s a suite of office applications for word processing, presentations, spreadsheets, databases, and drawing diagrams. Enjoy your MP3s and video with the media player. Plus, there’s even a photo organizer that let’s you touch up images.

The desktops are priced at $349 and $449 for what the company describes as the advanced model. OK. Am I being a prude if I say that aren’t computers for kids that are 2 to 3 years old going overboard? I mean the kids of today who have computers don’t play outside much any more. Couple this with the texting, cell calls, iPods, portable gaming devices, it is a wonder these kids can do anything that requires brain activity.

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