twitterThere has been pretty heavy speculation that Microsoft is just about done finalizing a deal to buy up Yahoo. And yes, this happens on the tail end of yet another MS layoff. So it seems to me that Microsoft realizes that their search business is nearly DOA and yet their response is to buy a failing search engine company? Huh?

Seems to me that there should be less emphasis on Facebook and Yahoo, with perhaps more focus on looking into Twitter. Why? Simple, because it is a service that is actually providing a real world look into the human nature that is beginning to drive search specifically.

And clearly, Microsoft needs to buy something that really is innovative. I mean, their last few purchases have not turned into much. Maybe this one will be the exception to the rule for them? Is Twitter Search staged to be a growth item? You better believe it. While I remain firm in that it is no replacement for RSS, I do believe it is a nice supplement to the links of Google.