RSSNormally, I would never link to an article claiming that RSS is dead. In this case however, the piece was written by someone who actually understands its value in the great scheme of things. And even Dave Winer was seen sharing his own perspective in the comments of the above linked piece as if to officiate its authenticity.

For the record, RSS is no more dead that broadcast TV. Sure, the way we enjoy the content brought to us might be changing, but the content push aspect remains very much intact. Twitter, while a useful way to receive updates on various stuff, is not even remotely close to RSS with regard to flexibility. The API offered by Twitter is annoying, limited and leaves me searching for my RSS reader.

In my mind, RSS is a long ways away from being dead. On a holiday, perhaps. But mark my words, RSS is not even remotely dead in any way. I think we will instead, see RSS being used for syndication outside of the norm. More for sharing from website to website and perhaps less in the proper RSS readers of yesterday. And besides, seems like only yesterday that I was hearing about the death of email. And as history has shown us there, that is also a death that has been greatly exaggerated.