cableAs you can clearly see from the image to your left, Mac power cable defects are hardly new. Actually,the same might be said for PC notebooks as well. But this article on those sought after MagSafe adapters ought to serve a reminder to be aware of anything you use in the realm of notebooks and MacBooks. Clearly, these adapters seen in the article above, need to be recalled.

But there is still some question as to whether or not Apple was indeed, negligent in their handling of the issues with the MagSafe power adapters. There has been evidence of Apple acknowledging the problem, so it does look like Apple might have simply moved too slowly to fix this problem before something more serious happens.

How will it all end? The big money is on quiet settlement. But if the sum being sought after is too large, one my surmise that Apple fights this in court. Think I am wrong or that Apple will instead, merely opt to pay the piper? Hit the comments, share your thoughts on this issue.